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Wacky Dreaming (except wackiness did not ensue)


So, the first thing to know, is that I do know exactly why I had this dream. So let me give a tiny-sarcasm "Oh, thank you" to The Haunting of Hill House, the 10-episode series on Netflix. Not only was it a creeptastic good time, but it also had a lot of heart and some really deep horror (I'm looking at you episode 5).

One of the main characters suffers from sleep paralysis, and way back when in Junior High, I went through a period of about 16 months where I would suffer this sleep disorder several times a month. Weirdly, it was always the same dream that would cause me to wake up and be a voiceless, motionless lump. It was horrifying, because I could tell just by the dream that I was in, that I was in a dream and that I was going to wake up with that horrible paralysis, desperate to scream for help, desperate to break that muscle freeze. But I couldn't do anything but follow the pre-scripted scenario to its foregone conclusion.

Obvs, our character's suffering from this condition stirred that horror show in my memory. And that led to our dream:

So, in the dream, I was playing cards (poker, I think) with my brother, his wife and my mother. We were, I believe, at my brother's house [although it looked suspiciously like my aunt's where we usually play cards]. I was shuffling, and after dealing, I realized that a '4' was flipped the wrong way around. I was going to just blow it off, stick it into the random center of the deck and move on with the hand. My brother, however threw a shit-fit. Our mother decided that she'd had enough, and called the whole game off.

There was a time skip in the dream and I was sleeping over, and for some reason the single cot/fold-up I was on was literally right next to my brother's bed.

So, within the dream, I had thought that I'd woken up. But then I realized that I was having a visit from my J-High nemisis and I couldn't move. I started slamming my fist against his mattress (I know, just stay with me) only to realize that I was only dreaming that I was hitting his mattress to help me wake up, when in reality I was still not moving in 'the real world', and was left there not sure what else was real in the scenario and what was a dream, within the dream.

In the real-real world, I woke up with a start, as you can imagine. But there were three things that were going on, which all added to my initial confusion on actually waking [which I didn't do as paralyzed, thankfully]. 1) I was medicated due to my lifelong losing fight against insomnia, and since I'd only been out for 2-2.5 hours, I was under a pill-hangover. 2) Because I was under the influence still, my eyesight was all wonky - especially in my left eye, which seemed to be nearly fully dark in... beyond just the low, low light in the still-dark early morning. & 3) I was convinced that there was an intruder in my house [which is my go-to replacement for sleep paralysis ... which is worse, because now I'm froze by choice to desperately try to hear footfalls in the house, and afraid that maybe they're already to the bedroom door and are looking in to see if 'the coast is clear'].

Thankfully, on waking, everything sorted itself out in my brain in short order. But I haven't been able to fall back to sleep. So, I've done half of the dishes, and I may as well get a review in: Penny Dreadful coming up (relatively) shortly.

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