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Random Love: SMG and Eliza


Have I made clear in my reviews of my love for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku? Because I don't remember having done so.

The problem with actor-heroes is that the real life actor-person rarely can live up to the character they originated. I try - really try - to ignore/not read comments about actors and their characters because I HATE how sometimes the real person is an ass, or just doesn't treat the material that they've helped make with the seriousness of fans. Understand, I'm talking about fans in a general sense, not "FANS" which seem to believe that an actor owes them something, or should never be anything but the character/impression-through-a-character that the actor portrayed.

This is why I hated that I read somewhere, by accident, that David B. didn't like his character in Angel, despite Joss literally giving him his start. It's like he's embarrassed that he was part of a genre show, which actually allowed him to move on to Bones and whatever that show is that I don't record and watch where he's a navy seal, or FBI special force, or somesuch.

I fell in love with SMG because she was Buffy. And while I'm not a psychopath, so would never intrude on her actual life, I appreciate that SMG made Buffy what she was, and that she's never talked down the character [okay, only so far as I know]. It's also why I love Eliza. I may not watch everything she ever did, but I like her Faith. I love her through Faith.

Is that so wrong? I don't think it is. But, you all have to understand that a part is not the person. I love ED for her role as Faith, and in "The Alphabet Killer" but I don't worry about who she really is. I feel like the interwebz is rife with trying to conflate a person with a role, and that is not only wrong, but kind of nutso-cuckoo.

I'm glad that SMG became Buffy. And I'm glad that Eliza became Faith. As I'm glad that D.B. was Angel, ASH was Giles, AH was Willow and NB was Xander... (I don't know what happened to Nicki, but clearly he's gone off the rails). And I'm fine with that. For me, character stays separate as long as I can maintain my blissful ignorance from actor.


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