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Homo - Randum Love.... Julienne Moore


Random Love: Julienne Moore.

I feel, at this point, like I need to acknowlege Julianne Moore, for her embodiment of characters across the spectrum. She's been gay-positive, and she's been "why can't you just be normal?!" characters. And this is brave... On both sides. Either you're "on the conservative side" ... and think that faggots/dykes are 'destroying America' or you're "gay-is-A-Okay" and playing an accepting character.

Julienne has played both. Equally. And I admire an actor - of either sex - who can play both with equal aplomb, without letting current political  viewpoints get in the way. Ms. Moore, I have no doubt, takes it from both sides. If she plays a homophobe, as the character is... And, If she plays a homo-acceptance character, she gets it from the left or right. I admire that she can be a chameleon, and play the character in any age and embody the opinons/viewpoints of that age!

ACTING isn't about a "what we wish was", for political purposes. It's about playing the CHARACTER who believes what they believe in whatever-the-piece. I've seen Julienne play "I'm on you're side" gay-acceptance characters and I've seen her play "only-straight-love-is-real-love" characters.

I've never held the ACTRESS (or ACTORS) - responsible - for the character's view. THAT to ME is ACTING in its purist form. You play what is given, even if that character is the opposite of what you believe.

Maybe Julienne would let us all get marched to a death camp. Maybe she wouldn't. The POINT is as an actress, she embodies the best/worst of her character, inclusive of the age in which her character lives. And that to me indicates an actress willing to take a certain amount of "you hate.. [instert group]!!" internet-bullshit to play that character.

I - personally, and as a gay man who is afriad of TRUMP and his Supreme Court picks - admire her. It is easy to refuse hateful parts in order to appease the current political-correctness, but Julienne has been willing to accept borderline/anti-homo/anti-conservative roles for the part. I easily imagine the hate-mail, depending on which role she played last. [BTW -- You're all WRONG -- pretending the worst of humanity doesn't exist, doesn't make that real. There are people out there who would, in fact, be completely FINE with us being brainwashed so that we 'fit in'.]

I feel like she is ACTING, rather than worrying about whatever the current climic accepts.

In short -- I LOVE her. And her characters. I feel she is the best example of a character-actor. She is willing to be weak, repugnant, strong, righteous or anti-the-perviewing-view depending on that part. Everytime a role appears -- but especially gay -- the actor is supposed to encompass the best of humanity as a default, or the exact-opposite. For PC -- which, I'm against in general --, but Ms. Moore is able to shift between the offensively ignorant and the wholey accepting depending on the part. I find that both admirable, and worthy of a mention.

I- again, personally - don't need an individual to pretend they're not anti-queer to gain my acceptance. I just need the Production - as a whole - to tell me the truth. Julianne Moore seems to embody both sides of the spectrum equally - depending on the role. And that, to me, is worthy of respect.

I loathe ANYONE, who give a hard time to an ACTOR for playing a role. I believe that an actor has only one overriding principle -- 'Is this consistent with this character?' - ... and I've found that Julienne Moore excels at this type of character. She's the BEST of the character-actor type, even though we all recognize her name/face.

So - as a faggot - I grant Julienne Moore major props for being willing to play a character who we may think is repugnant. She doesn't play PC to be acceptible to the current zietgiest ... She plays that character's bias, or predjudice or social mores at the time.

You can't fault a character-actor from embodying a time-piece character. Maybe Julienne would send me to a re-education camp. Maybe she would be shot before that happened. It doesn't matter when it comes to a PART. Ms. Moore is awesome.

That is my opinion.

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