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Reviewing, and first world problems.


I'm so frickin' annoyed at my DVD player on my past-its-prime-but-still-working computer, making it really difficult to review all of the things I've wanted to review. I tried to find Buffy eps online that I could watch without downloading questionable software, or making a monetary investment. I don't feel like I'm stealing from Mutant Enemy or anything, because I've bought the DVDs... I just can't play 'em.

I have this vague plan on finally doing the next episode review from S2 of The Walking Dead, which is on Netflix: But then I binge Jessica Jones, The West Wing, Longmire or snag a gay movie, instead... so uh... can I just put that on Netflix, instead of me? 'K-thanx.

I could also do the next episode of Supernatural... am I still on S1 of that?! I need to check, but I fear that I really am.

And now, I would really, really like to review the MCU, including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ... whose periods I am refusing to continue using - if I should actually make it to their reviews before I finally expire.

I should get the computer looked at... again... or finally just upgrade (though I fear learning Win10, when I'm so comfortable with XP)... but, ehhh... I'm lazy. And there really are more pressing issues to use that money for. And, I'm lazy... did I mention that?

Y'know, if y'all want to do the reviews for me...   Okay, maybe not.

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