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Fanfic, and what I hate....


What do you hate about fanfic?

For me, it's any vid in which a strong character ends up committing suicide. For my personal edifaction, it's Buffy and Dean. I loathe where I'm all into an emotional video that has done such a great job in incorporating SMG or Jensen, and then have the vid 'climax' in a suicide of the character, without justification!

Look. I know it's all angsty and shit, but Buffy has literally sent the love of her life to a certain Hell, and Dean has been through torture in Hell and back. They are NOT the characters to give up easily and jump off a roof or blow their brains out! THEY JUST AREN'T.

I don't care if SMG was in a film in which she jumped off a building to escape Samara, or Dean put a bullet into his doppleganger, which makes it easy to have one of these characters choose to 'end it all'. The characters themselves just WOULD NOT do this. They've proven this over and over.

I don't know what angst you're trying to work out, but it is a real bummer when I'm into what you got going, just to have you end with one of these two characters end it because, "I'm sad, and it's tragic..." ... NEITHER OF THESE CHARACTERS WOULD REACT THIS WAY.  They just wouldn't.

God'dammit, stop blowing it at the end with an entirely OOC moment, just to enact your personal angst, or put something on the characters that they'd never, ever do, and would fight in the face of.

Buffy and Dean both have been through too much to see them choosing to 'take the easy way out' [I know... personally... it's a misnomer], when both are such fuckin' fighters.

And just for context... "SEE THIS" ... for Dean and Buffy interacting. Where neither is jumping off a building or putting a gun to their own head.

And on the other side-- go read this RECOMMEND if you're into The Walking Dead and Supernatural crossovers.

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