harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Sometimes, you see two actors....


Sometimes you see two actors, and it's only in a fan-vid, and you say, "Hell, Yes!! Why!? Why don't their agents and the studios see what I see, god'dammit?!"

I feel this way about Matt Smith and Amy Acker.

Why, oh why, haven't these two professionals been working together?!


Look. I'm not insane. These two have it... the chemistry... to make it work. Let Them Co-Star Together, Damn It!

Please... post if you have 2 actors who never worked together, but their scenes via fanvids inspired that it was natural and should happen. I Want To See!
I don't care if it's straight, gay, bi, trans, curious, or "if it's you, it's okay"... I just want to see what FANS are inspired by....

Tags: random love, youtube

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