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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Night Stalker


Hey everyone. Welcome to another edition of my ongoing series, "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments", when we break down our main characters behaviors across my reviews. We size 'em up for rewards (kudos!) or punishments (demerits).

This post's subject is - Kolchak: The Night Stalker's episode, "They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be...".

Alas, I hated this episode. But that doesn't mean that our main players won't do something amazing that will allow us to hand them a prize.

Our main players are: Carl Kolchak, Tony Vincenzo, Chicago PD Precinct Captain Quill, Zoo Vet Dr. Bess

Our Characters Are Great People!

Carl- Carl has a very human moment in this episode, when he lets Tony off from supporting his story because he recognizes how much he's already lost by supporting Carl in the past. Half-KUDO ... it's unusual for Carl to not be too obsessed in a story to recognize others' costs in helping him.

Tony- I don't have a kudo for Vincenzo.

Quill- I've nothing to hand to Captain Quill.

Bess- I like that Dr. Bess also wants to help, despite her obviously being pressured not to at some point. Half-KUDO

I'm going to give a special Half-KUDO to Gordy Spangler for helping Kolchak with The Truth... even though, yes - he does have a financial motive (however small) in it.

Our Characters Are Awful!

Carl: I don't really have anything to hand Carl. Although, how he isn't killed - again - is a question.

Tony: Tony really has a dick-move in teasing a story to Monique practically in front of her face, just to tempt Carl to follow up on it. That was just cruel. Half-DEMERIT

Quill: Quill isn't the most upstanding citizen-for-truth, but I'm going to let him slide.

Bess: I've nothing to hand to Dr. Bess as a complaint.

One could reasonably ask why I wouldn't give morgue attendant, Spangler, a demerit of some sort for his minor corruption, even though it's helping Kolchak. 'One' would be entirely correct that he deserves one. But I already handed that one out to him in "The Zombie".

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