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Best of / Worst Of Character Moments - Buffy


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments!

Hey. Since we just revisited Angel & Faith for a characters moments posting, let's revisit Buffy this time out. Today's subject is wayyyyy back in Season 10, with issue 7... the start of the Xan/Spike re-roommating... fun! Oh, and they both get into only their boxers in order to pillow fight - Even more fun!

Of course, they are under mind control, which is not so fun. And obvs, there won't be any demerits for anything that happens when they're not in their right minds.

Our main players this time out are: Xander, Spike, & Ghost/Shade-Anya

There's a bit of our title character, too, but not enough to list her here, very unusually.

Our Characters Are Aces!

Xander: Uh, well... Xan decides not to reset Dawn's reset-emotions with the Magic Controlling Vampyr Book. But - really - it's hard to issue a kudo for that, since y'know, it's the only decent thing to not-do.

But, it is Xander who is able to free Spike during a few seconds of his own freedom that will ultimately save them, so I'm giving a KUDO.

Spike: Spike put his momentary freedom to the best use, and he gets a Half-KUDO - because, to be real, the sirens didn't put up much of a fight, and the Mother took off quick.

Anya-whatever-she-is: Anya-Image is the one who is able to momentarily break Xander free of the Sirens' seductive song, just long enough for him to act to save himself and Spike. She gets a Half-KUDO.

Our Characters Are Zeroes!

Xan- Xander - anger issues - explodey toward Spike for no reason. Half-DEMERIT

Spike- no demeriting

Transparent-Anya- Even though I find Ghost Anya annoyingly screechy, she doesn't earn a demerit.

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