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Angel & Faith, S2, #6 -- Best of / Worst of


Whoo, it's been awhile! But finally, we're returning to my mini-series of "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments", in which I spy with my bitter eye on our protaganists and decide whether they receive a Kudo for a job well done, or a demerit for disappointing behavior.

Our return sees us taking a look at Angel & Faith, Season 02 a.k.a Angel, Season 8 (according to me) or Season 10 (according to Dark Horse). Whichever season you think it is though, at least the issue number isn't in dispute: #6.

Our Main Characters Are: Angel, Faith, Slayer-Mai, Slayer-Tonia, Reese Zane, and Major Billings.

In this issue, we're skipping between Angel in Magic Town dealing with a still-unstable Amy Madison and her wacky plan to bring Warren back from the dead (ew, please don't) and Faith and the Deepscan Team in the Suriname Jungle/Forest depending on the panel.

Our Characters Get Enthusiastic Clapping!

Angel- No kudos for our main character... again... he does that a lot.

Faith- Nuthin' for Faith this time.

Mai- I like Mai's growing relationship with Faith, but that doesn't earn a kudo.

Tonia- Tonia doesn't last long enough to earn a kudo. But it's nice that she's giving Faith a chance, considering her rep and her quitting/unquitting Deepscan the way she did.

Reese- Definitely nothing for her.

The Major- I've nothing for the Major, yet.

As much as I am loathe to issue a genuine kudo to a general bad-guy, Amy helps out Angel and is very sweet toward one of the now-mutant children of Magic Town. I hand her a Half-KUDO.

The Only Clapping Our Characters Get is a Slow Sarcasm One!

Angel: Okay. Angel is just clumsy throughout this issue from being blind-sided by somebody that is too huge to miss, to his first confrontation with Amy Madison after refusing to help her bring back Warren, to his entirely unwarranted hostility toward Detective-Inspector Brandt who is trying so hard to forge a beneficial relationship between he and the local police. It's hard to pick which single one to issue a complaint about, but I'll go with the first. Being taken by surprise on an open street by an 8-foot tall green behemoth is just humiliating. DEMERIT

Faith: Faith doesn't earn my ire. Well, maybe a little bit, but that's a problem I have with Kennedy as well even though she's not in this issue. Apparently, nobody informed the Deepscan Slayers on this mission that vampires are doing this they couldn't do before. And this is post-Santa Rosita, so there isn't an excuse for it, except maybe this mission just came up too suddenly for a company meeting on the subject.

Mai: I've no problem with Mai.

Tonia: Tonia doesn't get a demerit, either. And I was sorry to see her die so quickly.

Reese: Ms. Zane comes across as a rude, self-entitled, egotist ... at first. I'll warm up to her, but I have to hand her a Half-DEMERIT for outright insulting Major Billings to his face, while also talking about him like he isn't standing right there in the room.

Major Billings: Billings seems a bit eager to run out and abandon his missing men when confronted with vampires. He's definitely not an ex-Initiative guy. But it's not enough to hand out a demerit.

The first Slayer to die in the jungle, Nell, dies because she's suspects something is creeping up on them, but she still turns her back to talk to Tonia, and gets a sudden spear through her chest. And not a thrown from off-panel spear, either. A guy steps out from behind a tree, launches himself at her, and stabs her through the torso (to be fair, he is a vampire). I'm sure she'd agree, if she wasn't dead, that she deserves a Half-DEMERIT.

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