harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Okay, I know. I'm working on it, now.


Hey gang of endlessly patient Readers. I know -- it's been an awful desert lately. But I'm back to working on BTVS, Season 11, Issue 05 and am getting back in the habit - albeit slowly - of doing a little each day to gear back up for more regular posting.

I think I've seriously taken enough of a break to wallow self-involvedly and I can only thank y'all if you're still here!

Now, if I could just stay off STEAM and away from TVTropes... but that would take willpower. And obvs, there is a lacking....

But, at least I'm doing a little every morning so I'm heading in the right direction again.

Hugs ya.

Tags: comics, me

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