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Jeezus godling, this past week...!

Last Sunday afternoon, I had to call an ambulance and by the time they arrived, I was on the ground just able to barely breathe due to a horrendous, burning pain in my upper abdomen. It turned out to be a out-of-left-field case of pancreatitis. I was admitted to the hospital for 4 days - being flushed with IV fluid (and I mean flushed... I never had an empty bag, and my abdomen was so painfully distended, I was sure that I was about to explode). And pain meds and wondering how anything could burn this badly and not be lava-related.

I was finally released, on shaky legs and still with nearly no appetite, on Thursday. Rather than come home, alone, I stayed with my dad for another three days, coming home yesterday in the late afternoon. The going thought, since I don't have the number one risk factor (chronic drinking) is that I threw a gall stone but it had passed through the duct it had been lodged in by the time swelling had gone down enough to get a properly good look.

I'm still definitely not at the top of my formerly not-impressive game, endurance wise. Today I went to the laundromat and then grocery shopping, and it was all I could do not to collapse on the couch before I could get the food put away. My appetite is recovering, except that I'll feel like I'm starving and then I'll have maybe half-a-sandwich, and feel like I can't tolerate another bite.

I've now been gone from work for two weeks, since I was supposed to return from PTO two days after this hit. I'm going back tomorrow, but feel like I've been gone forever.

My side also continues to have a persistent pain on my stomach side... but I don't understand that, since the pancreas feels too low to still be its source. Plus if feels more like a muscle cramp, that just won't fade out.

Tomorrow, I have to arrange an appointment with my general doctor for a follow up, and then have a meeting with the gall bladder surgeon for a consult and set up a date for its removal. Apparently it was found to be heavily marbeled, and they fear both any other possible stones in future but also the amount of fat being stored there is a pre-cancer risk marker. Everyone at the hospital seems to take it as a given that the repulsive, little gland will have to vacate.

So, that has been my week. ... *sigh* ...

And, again, I've still got two Buffyverse reviews in standby & that Supernatural episode review whose reason for continuing to sit unstarted, I cannot clarify to myself.

May our new Russian overlords not find a speck out of place, around here. And may all of you be having a week, which is NOT like the above.


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