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Not dead, yet. Not so poor to have lost internet connectivity, yet. House hasn't caved in under its structural issue, yet.

There will be reviews later this week. I have a long weekend, and on Thurs. and Friday, I will be posting the two issues each of BTVS & Angel. My determination is strong for the first time in quite a while. It will be done.

Yes, my life remains in a toilet bowl that hasn't been cleaned in a while, but: DETERMINATION.

I plan on at least getting through the first 20 min of Supernatural, that I've had on my review docket for about a century, now. I would like to post it by Sunday but that sounds like setting myself up for a fail.

But, those comic reviews will be frickin' done (assuming there isn't a power failure, the house does collapse, or I have a convenient aneurysm, of course).

Marching on -- doesn't mean I have to like it.

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