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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Supernatural's "The Benders"


Hey. I'm here, I'm here! I've just been too... blah... to review. But, I do feel really badly about it and so, to show that I'm not totally withdrawn into a shell of insular blues, I present this next edition of 'Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments' with the Winchester brothers.

Our episode of character focus this time out is "The Benders". And our main players are: Sam, Dean, Officer Kathleen & Alvin Jenkins.

The Benders are our bad guys, and this one is interesting in that the Winchesters have to deal with a very human set of villains.

Our Heroes - Let's Give It For The Boys (and that cop)!

Sam Winchester: Sam had some nice fightin' moments, and I'll give him a Half-KUDO.

Dean Winchester: Nuthin' for Dean again this time out. Although, the car attennae as lock pick was nice.

Officer Kathleen: I liked Kathleen's having forsaken an obvious hiding place [a cabinet] for a much more clever place to set up an ambush [barn rafters]. Half-KUDO

Alvin: Oh, Alvin. I'm sorry, man. No kudo, and a brutal murdering. It's just not your day.

I'm giving Missy Bender a special Anti-KUDO for her knife-throwing skills! She's a little, murderous brat but damn if she doesn't know how to throw a mean knife.

Our Heroes - Let's Give A Slap To The Boys (and that cop)!

Sam- I'm not handing Sammy a demerit, even for getting nabbed in the first place.

Dean- I'll not hand Dean a demerit, though it's funny that Our Sam can now hold Dean being taken out by an adolescent girl over his head.

Kathleen- So, I know that I supported Kathleen's decision to shoot Pa Bender dead for killing her brother at some point in the past when I reviewed this episode. I know. But she's an officer, and though unfair, I hold her to a higher standard because of the badge and uniform. I just do. And she gets a Half-DEMERIT to the unnecessary murder of that killing scumbag.

Alvin- I have to admit that Alvin annoyed with his whining, but considering the extreme circumstances... well... I'm gonna let it slide and skip the demeriting.

I have to give presumably the FBI a Half-DEMERIT. What sort of files would have the history of the Winchesters - especially Dean's history of "murder" [see "Skin"] without his photograph? That's just... half-assed.

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