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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Buffyverse


Best of / Worst of Character Moments in the Buffyverse. Our subject today is Angel & Faith, Season 02, Issue 05.

And our focus characters, who are supposed to be inspiring us, are: Angel, Detective Brandt, Sophronia Fairweather, and Lavinia Fairweather.

And this is the issue where Angel's team discovers that the vampires have recently undergone a radical change, thanks to things that happened over in BTVS, Season 10!

Our Heroes Are Cheer-Worthy!

Angel- Angel saves the day... a little late, but he saves it. Half-KUDO against Parnell, specifically because he was going in blind to the vampires having Dracula-like powers now.

Brandt- Nuthin' kudo-ey for Brandt.

Soph- Sophronia does very well against the new type vampires in her first encounter and gets a Half-KUDO. - Specifically for that perfect shot with a crossbow through the back of Bat-Parnell.

Liv- And Lavinia didn't do bad against Parnell, either. I'll hand her a Half-KUDO for the hairspray-lighter combo to the vampire's face.

[And of course, I do love both of their deadpan expressions to Parnell's attempt at banter.]

Our "Heroes" Aren't Very!

Angel: No demerits for Angel, but I'm worried about this nun-business that was set up. "Yikes!" to the possibility that Angelus is back when Angel sleeps.

Brandt: I've nothing against Brandt.

Sophie: Sophronia doesn't earn my ire... which isn't bad considering she started off as Komedy Relief.

Lavinia: Liv also isn't earning a demerit this issue. Yay!

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