harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Some more snow... not so bad as the first one.


I tried some night shots, but I don't know just how well they'll have come out. I'm posting them anyway.

As to reviews: I'm doin' a little bit per day when I get up, since I haven't seemed able to commit to the thought of doing a full review in a several-hours-of-work sort of way. Why I'm so energyless is a personal life-issue that keeps on giving & I just don't wanna go into it. But I'm not in a coma, in a padded cell, or dead so there will be more posting coming.

Right now, on tap are: Supernatural's Season 01 "Hell House" & BTVS Season 11, Issue 01's "The Spread of Their Evil..." part I. In the Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments, we've got BTVS Season 10, Issue 05's "New Rules" part V & Angel & Faith's Season not-10-damnit, Issue 04's "Where The River Meets The Sea", part IV & for the movie, "Nabonga" (1944).



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