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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Buffy Gang


Hey, all.

Welcome to another edition, long delayed, of 'Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments'. This is my ongoing mini-postings in which we take a second, closer look at our main characters throughout our reviews to size them up and judge whether they're good people, or if they're really not.

Our subject this time out is BTVS, Season 10, Issue 04

And our main players are: Buffy, Spike, Dawn, Rupert, Willow and Andrew.

Dracula, as last time out is a villain, even though I was seduced there with the cuteness between he and Xan, but he cannot count. And poor Xander is too far under thrall to be included.

Fortunately, in these things, side-players can still do something to earn a reward on occassion. I'm hoping we'll see that this time out with Xander.

Our Characters Are Wonderful!

Buffy: I like Buffy in this, but there isn't a kudo.

Spike: Nope, no kudo.

Dawn: I gotta give Dawn something for holding it together as well as she has, considering what is going on in her feels, especially dealing all over again with Joyce's death. She's showing a lot of grit to stay focused on the here and now, even though her emotions are on the there and then. Half-KUDO

Rupert: Stop acting like a brat, Giles. No kudo.

Willow: Nothing for Wills this time out.

Andrew: Nah... close, but no cigar.

Okay, even though Xan is under thrall, I did like that he used a moment of tiny freedom to share with Dracula that he was paying way too much attention to surface details, and not enough on being a better man. That earned a Half-KUDO.

Our Characters Are Pathetic!

Buffy- I've nothing against Buffy in this issue.

Spike- Spike is cool with me.

Dawn- I feel for Dawn. Nuthin' demerity.

Rupert- Rupes mix of impatience, foul language and hormones are a bit much to take for long, but it doesn't earn a demerit.

Wills- Willow tries her best with the shifting strings of magic and she doesn't get a demerit.

Andy- No demerits for the komedy relief.

Dracula earns another Half-DEMERIT, this time for his arrogance, which is keeping him from taking the time to actually think through the possibilities of all of this magic manipulation. And because he couldn't be bothered to think for two minutes beforehand, now he's stuck in a world of subsuming pain and domination, himself. It serves him right, but now he's making it everybody else's problem, too.

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