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Here's a short and interesting article.


37 Characters With the Best Last Words in TV History

Fred Birkle made the list, but this is a really weird number. Why not 35? Why not 40? Am I too retentive, that this 37-thing is bugging me because it's so uneven??

The ones that I'll agree with whole heartedly are Fred [though I disagree with the author, I like Illyria more than Fred -- or more to the point, I liked Amy Acker as Illyria more than Amy Acker as Fred].

Caitlyn Todd [that was a shocking and tough one, but her imagined-ghostly visitations were too odd and jokey to be emotionally poignant] being cut off right in the middle of a jokey line was brilliant, but it's marred just a bit by the fact the line she was cut off in the middle of was so on-the-nose.

Bobby Singer was a real loss to Supernatural. Any time that Jim Beaver showed up, the episode was improved. Going out on his trademark, "Idjits" was grand. I was angry when Bobby ghosted, and relieved when he saw the light and 'let go'. But damn, do I wish we'd get more flashback episodes so Jim can come back. Or, y'know, Supernatural could just effing END already.

John Winchester didn't hit me really, until Season 2, when we learned just what it was that he whispered in Dean's ear... that was shocking. And chilling. And makes his inclusion on this list right. After everything that John was doing to hunt down his wife's murderer and then to find out that Yellow Eyes wasn't the primary threat AND THEN to turn around and tell Dean that he may need to put Sammy down... wow...!

Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead. Last words awesome. Negan not awesome. I'll always miss the turn of phrase that Abe could've come up with next because he was always worth a sudden, shocked laugh. But I don't wanna talk about this show. I still haven't been able to watch beyond the season premiere because of the mean spirited grossness of the whole episode, and Negan's frickin' bon mots and guh... no.

Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead. His last paragraph, tossed in Rick's face with contempt, not only perfectly reflected how far gone his character had become but it was a mightly foreshadowing that Grimes wasn't the man he needed to be in the post-apocalypse world. I was glad when the character was offed, just because the tug-o-war between him and Rick was pretty much played out as far as it could be.

In other news. I'm working on the next review. Yay! And I've decided it's still going to be a movie review, "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie". Oh, 70's Ray Lovelock -- I totally perv on you.

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