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TWD - the brutal ugliness


Still so traumautized by the torture-porn of the season premiere, I can't bring myself to watch 07x02. It's sitting and waiting on the DVR and I'm avoiding it like it has super-cooties.

Also, I cannot get this stupid disc to play that I've been wrestling with. It must've been a WIN update screwing up something, because it was recognized and played before, which leaves a whole lot of movies I've bought, but now can't watch for review. Swell.

So the next review will be "uh, whatever I grab" but the next two weeks - workwise - is a bear. I've a lot of "filling in for others' PTO" shifts coming up. The OT is mighty nice, but I'm going to be burning the candle at both ends. I'll at least try to summon some kind of enthusiasm to actually choose something to review. Thankfully, I have a week off after these next two rough ones so I'll have - what should be, if I can overcome my personal blahs - a productive week then.

Thanks to those who haven't just rolled their eyes and defriended already.

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