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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Monster on the Campus


Hey everybody!

So, this weekend I’ve got some time off for a four day break, so the next movie review will get done. Kolchak: The Night Stalker Season 01, too… but now I’m getting into too much planning ahead, again.

[Yeah. I still managed to do less than I had hoped/planned/tried to... blurrgh  (08/31) ].

So… was this why I’m posting? Mostly. But I’m also going to post another “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” posting in our ‘Other’ category. And this slot belongs to “Monster on the Campus”…

… where our main players are: Donald Blake [alas, not Thor], Madeline Howard, Jimmy Flanders, Sylvia Lockwood and I suppose we’ll include Lt. Mike Stevens.

[This list may be a bit too generous, since Jimmy & Sylvia are students with too much screen time, Mike is the cop trying to solve the mysterious attacks on campus and receives too little time and only Donald is really the focus of anything interesting. *shrug*]

Our Characters Are The Best of Mankind!

Donald: I will give Donald credit on choosing to try to lock himself out of the way in order to perform his experiment, when he starts to twig to the fact that Hey, Maybe That Fish Juice In My Injured Hand Is Doing The Same Thing As When Samson Drank It.

At least he didn’t perform his ill-advised experiment in the classroom lab. And really, this transitional phase bacteria is quite the amazing discovery. Half-KUDO

Madeline: Maddie doesn’t earn herself a kudo.

Jimmy: Jimmy really steps up twice to help out. Once when Madeline is threatened by the raging dog, Samson and once when Don decides to capture a ginormous dragonfly creature. Half-KUDO

Sylvia: Sylvia doesn’t earn a kudo.

Mike: Mike doesn’t earn anything.

Screw it, I’m giving the dog Samson a Half-KUDO for being such a good boy. I’m still amazed there isn’t a bathroom mess in his cage for the length of time they leave the poor boy locked up.

Our Characters Are Saps!

Professor Blake- Don is an idiot. Everything about how he handles samples is appalling. And he wouldn’t have been infected if he hadn’t constantly been acting in stupid ways causing him exposure to the unknown toxin/virus/bacteria. And even when he figures it out, instead of simply NOT exposing himself again, he chooses deliberately to do so for an unnecessary suicide-by-cop [which I suppose you could say was out of guilt for killing Molly & threatening Maddie]. He’s just worse than bumbling, he’s deeply moronic. DEMERIT

Ms. Howard- So, I won’t lie. I did find Maddie’s attitude toward Molly’s murder to be inappropriate, callous and repulsive. But I’m not issuing her any demerits. EVERYBODY shrugs off Molly’s death. I can only presume that Molly was a horrible person and nobody could blame Madeline for not being a bit more circumspect in her utter lack of even faux-grief.

Mr. Flanders- Jimmy doesn’t earn himself any demerits, but I am annoyed with him over finding Don’s pipe near a scene of an attack and not turning it over to the police, instead of returning it to Dr. Blake.

Ms. Lockwood- I’m not going to give Sylvia any demerits… despite her being generally useless, and making out with my movie boyfriend, Jimmy.

Lt. Stevens- Oh, MIKE! I wanted to be on your side… but when you have a Detective killed body guarding someone who apparently has a violent serial killer after him, you should actually assign more men to watch him! Or force him into protective custody/witness protection! You do not then allow him to wander across campus back to his trashed lab, without more heavy police protection! YOU DIMWIT. DEMERIT!

The school administration is ridiculous. Their campus nurse is MURDERED and HUNG IN A TREE, and they have class… The. Very. Next. Day. -- Including having the professor who’d been assaulted and who’d been with the murdered woman teaching his class, as normal… OMG. Oh, they also don’t bother instituting a curfew for their students, either, despite a killer they have no reason to believe has moved on after targeting Donald for whatever reason. DEMERIT!

I want to issue Molly Riordon a demerit of some kind, but we don't see anything that would cause everybody's lack of response to her being dead. She flirts with 'taken' men, but there isn't any evidence that this is a widely known trait, or even known by Madeline -- though she clearly has suspicions. I mean Molly had to have been generally awful for how casually her murder is treated, but I have nothing to actually base this supposition on but everybody's lack of bother over it.

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