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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Good Morning!

Today's posting is another "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" post within the Buffyverse. But with Buffy being our focus last time out, today we'll spend some time with Angel and Faith.

Our issue is Season 02's Issue 03, with the return of Pearl lookin' for some payback for the death of Nash by somehow partnering with Corky Smallwood.

But she's not a focus character, because she's a bitca. No, our focus characters are: Angel, Faith, Kennedy & Nadira.

Our Characters Are Showing Why We Love 'Em!

Angel: Nothing for Angel... again. *sigh*

Faith: Nuthin' here, Faith.

Kenn: I've already given Kenn something for finding a purpose for all of those young Slayers, and there isn't anything else here to award for.

Nadira: I'm giving Nadira a Half-KUDO for taking on the role of prophet, guardian, helper and guidance councilor over those in Magic Town still reeling from what has happened to them.

Our Characters Are Not Inspiring Us!

Angel- *Sigh* Walked right into a fight again, eh Angel? You'd think that you'd get tired enough of that to actually recon before bursting into places. I guess that wouldn't be as fun, though. Half-DEMERIT

Faith- We've already dealt with Faith's lack of effort in her new employ.

Kenn- Nothing for Kennedy, although I am starting to question Deepscan's effectiveness.

Nadira- I guess we can't blame Nadira for her half-hints, incomplete instructions and half-loopy ramblings where straight forward information is needed. It's all part of her alteration and being in contact with whatever is happening in Magic Town. Annoying, but not exactly her fault. No demerits.

I have to give a Half-DEMERIT to Deepscan's Slayer Squad, including Mai. They just stand around waiting to see if Faith is going to kill their client, or get herself killed instead of trying to break up the fight! They don't even do what Faith shouted for them to do and get the civilians out of the way! You're Slayers, not automotons, what are you waiting around for Kenn to save the day for??

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