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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Hey Gang!

And here we have our second posting: Best of / Worst of Character Moments in Angel & Faith. We’re looking at Season 2, Issue #02 this time around, as mentioned in the post a few minutes ago.

See, sometimes I’m still able to follow through on what I just said I’d do. And a quick ‘other news item’ - I’m working on the next review too, “Clash of the Titans” with Harry Hamlin and starring Harryhausen’s dynamite creations.

This issue, our main players will have to be: Faith, Angel, Nadira, & Kennedy.

Our Characters Make Us Love ‘Em!

Faith: No kudo for you.

Angel: Nuthin’ for Angel.

Nadira: Hey new Nadira… nothing.

Kenn: Nope.

Our Characters Only Wish We Could Love ‘Em!

Faith- Yeah, Faith… sorry, but I don’t really like people who don’t take their jobs seriously. Half-DEMERIT

Angel- Nice, Angel. Even when you suspect you’ve been set up, you walk straight into a behemoth fist… HOW!? How did you miss Tommy there? DEMERIT, you dork.

Nadira- Nadira is a bit wackydoo, but no demerit.

Kennedy- I am starting to question Deepscan’s ability and Kenn’s judgment, but no demerit… yet.

I’ve gotta give Deepscan’s Mai and anonymous Slayer a joint DEMERIT for not having Faith’s back during their body guarding gig. It’s pretty shoddy.

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