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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Buffy, Season 10


Hey Gang.

Time again for a “Best of / Worst of Character Moments” posting. This time out, we’re going to stick with Buffy, in addition to our last two reviews posted, and take a closer look at our centrals in Issue One, Season 10.

Our Main Drivers in this one are: Buffy, Spike, Willow, Xander, Andrew, & Dawn.

And what I liked about this one, is how everyone had something to do. We even get a cameo from Faith and Giles being all actiony!

But, is there anything here to issue kudos for? That’s the real question for this post.

Our Characters Earn LOVE!

Buffy: Scooby Group kudo coming.

Spike: Scooby Group kudo coming.

Willow: Scooby Group kudo coming.

Xander: The plan to use the lined up tanning beds in the parking lot was inspired, and so ridiculous that it’s cool. I gotta hand Xander a Half-KUDO.

Andrew: Scooby Group kudo coming.

Dawn: I love Dawn in this issue. This is the Dawn hinted at developing in Season 7 that went nowhere in season 8 and 9, generally. I’m handing her a Half-KUDO for being strong, proactive, and not putting up with being shoved into the damsel in distress role.

I’ve got a Half-KUDO to split between Spike, Andrew, Buffy, & Willow for coming together and battling overwhelming [we’re told anyway] odds by effective team work. Also something we’ve had an issue seeing.

And Faith, Giles, Kennedy, Leah and Holly for the ‘just in the knick of time’ save get themselves a Half-KUDO.

Yes, I don’t like Vicki. Yes, she still gets a KUDO for recognizing that the threat of the zompires is way more serious than the old Slayer vs. Vampires history.

Our Characters Earn Our Derision!







Rather than repeating myself six times, let me just put NO DEMERITS here. I love everyone in this issue and it’s been so long, so just let me bask in it.

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