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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Best of / Worst of Character Moments with Angel & Faith, Season 02, Issue #1.

With Giles back in the land of the living, Faith has decided on some time away from Angel's drama-drama while the vampire tries to protect the traumatized citizens of the newly christened "Magic Town".

Our focus characters for my critical eye are: Angel and Faith.

There are several others, but I'm counting them as cameos, some literally, some glorified.

Our Characters Are Great!

Angel- Angel is more detective than superhero in this one and doesn't earn a kudo.

Faith- Faith does what a Slayer does, but not impressively enough for a kudo.

I've got an Anti-KUDO to hand to Corky Smallwood, who acted quickly and rutlessly to gain control of Magic Town's criminal element, despite being altered into a tiny tot.

Our Characters Are So Bad!

Angel: Angel doesn't cross any lines or make an ass of himself.

Faith: I gotta hand Faith a Half-DEMERIT for the way she emotionally tortures herself everytime she and Buffy are in the same place. So much of Faith's poor opinion of herself is rooted in her constantly comparing herself to Buffy, even where it isn't necessary, warranted or wise.

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