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Random Love: "Somebody That I Used to Know" parodies.



I can't explain this shit. I just find myself freaking "liking" them on Youtubish. WHY?! What is my obsession with this song?

I need help. But since there isn't a free psychiatrist hanging out behind my chair, I present these. Maybe by sharing the madness, I'll get over it.
[These aren't even added to YouTube Favorites because I don't even like them that much... but I can't stop myself anyway.]

Some Study That I Used To Know

Somebody That I Used To Troll

Somebody That I Used To Blow   [jeez, I miss sex]  Um... this one is NSFW - despite being done with dolls [Uh... Lilo and uhm.. Frank Castle - The Punisher? ... and Earring Ken maybe?] , unless your company has an unusually lax attitude about adult comedy, in which case I'm totally jealous and you should keep it to yourself.

Obama That I Used To Know [Poor President Obama. So much vitriol over the past 8 years. Surprise to everyone who doesn't know how gov't works... the President isn't an Emperor. If Congress won't cooperate and if the Supremes second guess his directives, then yes... he really is quite limited in what he can do.]

Captain America - Some Bucky That I Used To Know [Which I'm just objecting to on principal. I'm so effing sick of comic characters who are DEAD only to suddenly be not dead. Listen asshats... If you don't have more creativity than this to create your own characters with enough personality to grab imaginations, then f'ing quit.]

Somebody That I Used To Blow [yeah, again... but with people rather than plastic, which I suppose means it's even less for work viewing-- Unless your work place is so lax in attitude that I want to hunt you down, kill you and take your place  -- uhm and different lyrics like "Still I let you kiss me where I pee..."  Oh! And it's quite gay].

The Star Wars That I Used To Know

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