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Two more chapters up... I wanted to complete it today, but Chapter 11 was being a real pain in the ass to get posted. Not only was it rife with punctuation and a fear of using pronoun errors, but it was too long to post to the spanderverse community in one go. So... now I'm too annoyed.


Chapter 10: A Plan or Two

Xander plots to get Buffy into the clutches of Dracula while also betraying Anya. The gang find out that Buffy was visited by the vampire and Giles decides she needs to sit on the sidelines and let the Scoobies take care of this one. Yeah, good idea in theory.

Chapter 11: Victory, but Not

The meat and potatoes of the episode, BTVS: Buffy vs. Dracula is recounted and embellished here. Spike takes to protecting Joyce and deciding how to bring up his growing attraction to Buffy (yes, this is Spanderverse, but not PWP-Spander. You'll need to be patient). And just who is this Dawn-girl that suddenly pops up at Giles' place?!

Oh, please... we're all Buffy fans! Like you don't know who Dawn is.

This wraps up the Spanderverse version of the episode. Starting with Chapter 12, we're expanding beyond the television series with Dracula being pissed off.

A note about Chapter 11 -- it was "too long" for livejournal so I had to split it up into two posts... make sure you go to part one (with all the beginning disclaimers) first.

Sorry about having to post it that way, but I was really getting grumpy at that point and just wanted it done.
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