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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Kolchak's "The Zombie"


Welcome back to another edition of ‘Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments’, where we’re going to focus on the first series episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

First off, it’s important that we all remember that Chicago, IL in the 1970’s had a semi-arid environment… and, uh, the suburbs had… mountains…. Look, Global Warming changed a lot of stuff between then and now, okay!

Yes, this is the character rewards and pans for “The Zombie” with our main players for scrutinizing consisting of Carl Kolchak, Tony Vincenzo, Monique Marmelstein, and Gordon Spangler.

I had Captain Leo Winwood there as well, and was even mentioning that it’d be nice to have him as the recurring police captain who half-clashes/half-assists Carl in future… but then he turned out to be a corrupt cop on the take. Damn it.

Our Characters Shine!

Carl: Carl vs. The Zombie ends with Carl victorious, of course. But he only gets a Half-KUDO because it was easier then it seemed like it was going to be.

Tony: Poor Tony. But he did get out of bed to haul his exhausted ass to the police station in the middle of the night to bail out Carl… again… Half-KUDO.

Monique: Nothing for our junior reporter-trainee.

Gordon: Nothing for Mr. Spangler.

Our Characters Embarrass!

Carl- Oh, Carl, honestly. You’ve been bone-headed and stubborn before but playing with your tape recorder when you’re recording Mob Bosses in a secret meeting is just suicidally stupid. You should be dead with your corpse in a garbage dump somewhere. DEMERIT

Tony- I don’t understand Tony in this episode. He’s in trouble with the high-muckity uncle of Monique because she wants to be a reporter, not a general office assistant (and she has a journalism degree, so it’s hard to fault her for that) and yet he’s not assigning her to easy, reporter-like settings… such as a police briefing for the press!

What the hell are you doing? Half-DEMERIT

Monique- This chick is going to get herself killed. She gets a Half-DEMERIT for acting completely inappropriately during a police standoff that could’ve gotten herself or somebody else killed.

Gordon- He’s just skeezy and also minorly corrupt. Half-DEMERIT

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