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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith, Season 01, Issue 25


And here we are with Angel & Faith's last Best of / Worst of Character Moments for their season 1. Let's take a look at our characters heroics and failings in Issue 25!

Our Main Players for scrutiny are: Angel, Faith, Rupert, & Alasdair.

Our Characters Shine!

Angel- Angel's getting through to Whistler finally is what saves London, if not the whole world and earns the KUDO.

Faith- Faith doesn't really get a chance to shine here and doesn't earn a kudo.

Rupert- Nothing really for Giles, either.

Alasdair- Nor Alasdair.

Obviously Whistler's return to sanity and rationality and his big self-sacrifice gets a KUDO. I'm a sucker for the self-sacrifice route.

Our Characters Are Idiots!

Angel: Angel doesn't do anything to earn a demerit... a rarity.

Faith: As much as I'd like to overlook it, Faith hauling around a greviously burned Nadira seems hideously, cruelly painful to her injured comrade in arms. A stretcher and a ton o' morphine woulda been kinder... Half-DEMERIT.

Giles: Well... Giles' not realizing how hurtful his pining to get back to Buffy would be to Faith seems really self-centered, but I'm not gonna demerit him over it.

Alasdair: Nothing for Alasdair.

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