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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Season 09, BTVS


Here we are gang! And if we can avoid another power outage just as I'm working on it even though there has been no effing storms anywhere in our area for HOURS, then this will wrap up the Season 9 BTVS 'Best of / Worst of Character Moments' with Issue 25, The Core part V.

The issue in which Simone Doffler loses that which she gained because she's a vengeance seeking hag with more passion than sense, even after she's been replaced with a vampire. You may've gleaned that I don't like her.

But with our characters that I do like, we must sit in judgment. These would be: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Koh, & Illyria.

Our Characters Are The Rave!

Buffy- Buffy's reclaiming of the Scythe and her killing Simonepire with only one good arm is worth a KUDO.

Xander- I appreciate everything Xander did in the Deeper Well, especially against Maloker but he's not out of the doghouse for teaming up with Doffler in the first place and will not get any kudos.

Willow- Willow gets a KUDO for being able to rescue Dawn after she was nothing but an intangible energy cloud drifting away.

Eldre Koh- Koh is awesome in this issue and gets a KUDO for saving Buffy from Maloker not once, but twice! And he's the only one to do any real lasting injury until the Magi-Splosion happens.

Illyria- Obviously Illyria's embrace of her own death is laudable. But it's also already been rewarded. I kinda jumped the gun on that one, but I can't issue another for the same sacrifice.

[And it's the same with Severin as well].

I'm going to award D'Hoffryn a KUDO for sticking around in the fight against Maloker, even after the rest of his Council backup has fallen. I didn't expect that he'd remain for the final fight all the way through.

Our Characters Are The Suck-Ass!

Buffy: There will not be a demerit at Buffy.

Xander: Xander is all alright in this one.

Willow: Wills gets nothing against her.

Koh: Koh is nothing but amazing here.

Illyria: No demerits for Illyria... how could there be with her self-sacrifice?

I gotta give Simonepire a DEMERIT for letting her predecessor's desire for revenge on Buffy get way out of hand and led directly to her death, instead of building a new powerbase and coming back stronger and organized later.
[Not that I'm not glad she's very deaded.]

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