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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS, Season 09, Issue 24


Back for another edition of "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" with Buffy, Season 09. Our subject this time out is the crazy happening in Issue 24 in which we've got an Old One, A Universe threatening would-be time manipulator, a fading out of existence Dawn, and a "Slaypire" all demanding story attention!

Our Main Players for judgment though are confined to: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Illyria, Koh and the Mystic Council.

Um, what was that I was saying about "confined to"?

Our Characters Are Worthy!

Buffy- Nuthin' for Buffy, but she sure did try against Simonepire.

Xander- Sorry, Xan. I know you've come around to fighting Simonepire and Maloker but it isn't enough after what you've done to advance her and Sev's plans. No kudo yet.

Willow- I'm gonna give up a KUDO to Willow for the brilliant plan to stop Sev, grow the New Seed, and save Dawn all in one clever go.

Illyria- Illyria offers her life to help Severin route his soon to explode power into the New Seed, knowing what it will cost. She surprises herself just as much as Willow, and she earns her KUDO.

Eldre- Koh gets a Half-KUDO for offering to stay behind and keep Maloker occupied while the others make a needed escape.

Mystic Council- The Mystic Council also gets a Half-KUDO for staying and fighting, which honestly was more than I expected.

Severin, FINALLY, comes to an understanding that what he wants to do can't be done and sacrifices himself to grow the New Seed and restore magic to Earth. It's a grand KUDO coming his way at the end.

Simone the Vampire gets an Anti-KUDO for her take down and defeat of Buffy, and with the Slayer Scythe at that!

Our Characters Are Crap!

Buffy: No demerits for Buffy.

Xander: No demerits.

Willow: Nothing bad from Willow.

Illyria: Illyria is a better self and earns no demerit.

Koh: Nothing wrong from Eldre Koh.

Mystic Council: The Council is really the good guys this time out.

I have a special DEMERIT for Harsens-rob on this one. I had four different spellings for Maloker in the review, and not one of them was actually correct. I think I remember having problems remembering how to spell his name during the review, but it doesn't excuse being in such a rush that I didn't bother to look it up and edit before posting.

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