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Buffy Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Season 09, Issue 23


In our post this time out, we'll be focusing on "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" for BTVS Season 9, Issue 23.

Simone finally gets the power she always craved... uh, sort of... I guess.

Our Main players to be inspected are: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Koh, Illyria, & the Mystic Council.

As for judging our characters... well, just see my commentary for Page 04 in the review. This one is a tough one for me to crack (gee, and I'm usually so comfortable with casting aspersions on our characters).

Our Characters Are Just!

Buffy- No kudo for Buffy on this one.

Willow- Wills looks like she's headed for a huge kudo, but it doesn't come yet.

Xander- Nothing for Xan.

Koh- Nothing for Koh, but if he prevails against Sev, then we'll talk.

Illyria- Same thing for Illyria as for Koh.

Mystic Council- Good Luck, Council. I hope to be able to give you something for the fight against Meloker, but that time isn't now.

Our Characters Are JUST JERKS!

Buffy: I know that Buffy is being selfish by putting Dawn ahead of stopping Severin, but she's right in that the Council should be able to throw Sev's plans off for the time it takes to save Dawn. I just can't condemn her selfish choice in this instance.

Willow: And the same reasons apply to Willow, in regards to both saving Dawn and the latter attention on maybe releasing new magic into the world to undo the Old Seed's shattering. She's selfish, but I can't condemn it with a demerit this time.

Xander: Xan somehow slips by this time.

Eldre: Nothing for Koh.

Illyria: I've nothing against Illyria.

Mystic Council: The Council isn't so bone headed as to receive demerits.

Simone Doffler gets a huge-ass DEMERIT for... everything she's doing. She is going to give up being herself to become a demon, and she's risking the Universe by helping Severin try his time-travel trip, which either way would negate her "gain" anyway, which tells me she never believed he'd be successful in the first place. But that doesn't negate the very real risk of his very attempt to space/time and all for her own selfish need to feel important. Bitch.

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