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Buffy Best of / Worst of Character Moment: Season 9, Issue 22


Hey Gang,

  Let's wrap up the "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" for Season 9 of BTVS and Season 1 of Angel & Faith. We're going to focus this time around on BTVS, Issue 22 in which Dawn is continuing the slow fade out of reality while Buffy tries to stop this. But she has to deal with a stubborn Mystic Council in her way, and the reality that Xander has in fact gone over to the Simone Side... let's just put that down to temporary crazy.

Our Main Players to be Judged Are: Buffy, Willow, Xander, & the Mystic Council (yes, they're in the way but they are still the good guys). There are plenty of others, but they're side players.

Our Characters ROOOOOOCCK!

Buffy- I'm going to give Buffy a Half-KUDO for holding her own when she's extremely outnumbered.

Willow- And yeah, I'm gonna hand Wills a Half-KUDO for the same.

Xander- No cookie for you, Xander.

Mystic Council- No kudo.

I'm handing Koh a Half-KUDO for a timely save of Buffy's face.

Our Characters Are Lame!

Buffy: I've no demerit to lay on The Slayer.

Willow: Wills doesn't earn my ire.

Xander: I've already handed Xan a demerit for helping Simone, so all I can hand him is a hardy "Fuck you".

Mystic Council: I've already handed a demerit to the Council for getting in the way, too. And I'm not as bitter about them as I as at Xan, so I'll just tell them they're being dunderheads.

*Sigh* Yes, I have to hand Andy Wells a Half-DEMERIT (which he's splitting with his writer) for his total inappropriate focus on trivial matters as a distracting defense mechanism, despite the fact that he once had control over a dozen Slayers and has faced down death at the hands of Twit-light.

I have a behind-the-scenes Half-DEMERIT to give out and it's to Andrew Chambliss for the way he doesn't allow Andrew Wells to grow as a character, or even acknowledges his past growth as a character. It's especially annoying me in this issue.

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