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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Welcome back to Angel & Faith's "Best of / Worst of Character Moments" series. We're taking a look at the aftermath of the battle to stop Whistler's magic bomb from going off, which failed!

[Well, kinda... turns out the big boom is still a threat. The glitter affect causing so much damage now was just a mini-blast.]

Our Main Players in Season One's Issue 24 are: Angel, Faith, Lavinia Fairweather, Sophronia Fairweather, Alasdair Coames, Rupert Giles, and Nadira [still no last name, huh?]

Our Characters Are the Best!

Angel- I admire Angel for continuing to battle against Whistler, but it's no more than I'd expect from him, so no kudo.

Faith- I like the moment when Faith gives up possession of the magical ball that she wanted to heal Nadira with for the greater good to Giles and Alasdair. Half-KUDO

Lavinia- Liv takes charge of helping the wounded and terrified, and she's right that her and Soph wouldn't be much good at keeping the magical ball from Nash, Pearl or Whistler. Half-KUDO

Sophronia- Sophronia also manages to focus on others, despite her own remembered trauma and she earns a Half-KUDO, too.

Alasdair- Alasdair is willing to risk his life to bleed the magical energy out of the bomb. He's also only doing it though because he's hoping it'll lead to his own magical restoration, but still... Half-KUDO.

Rupert- Giles is also willing to risk death in order to bleed the magical energy out of the bomb. Of course, he's willing to risk it because he's hoping to restore himself to adult, but still... Half-KUDO.

Nadira- Nadira shows why she's a Slayer. Even half burnt and dying, she throws all of her energy into trying to take out Nash and buy more time for the good guys. KUDO

Our Characters Humiliate Themselves!

Angel: One of the things with Angel's confronting Whistler again and again is that he's taking valuable time away from what is important, and that is getting the magic ball to somebody who can diffuse it. He spends too much time talking at Whistler and not enough time rushing after the magical ball of doom. Half-DEMERIT

Faith: I'm not handing Faith a demerit.

Liv: Lavinia doesn't earn my irritation, and so no demerit.

Sophie: Sophronia still slightly irritates, but she doesn't earn a demerit.

Alasdair: Alas, Alasdair spends so much time discussing with Rupert how he's old and useless and should be the one who risks stopping the bomb from blowing, that he gives Nash more than enough time to catch up and retake the thing. Half-DEMERIT

Giles: And like his colleague, Rupert spends far too much time angsting over his teen body to get to the important part of diffusing the bomb. Half-DEMERIT

Nadira: There isn't any demerit waiting for Nadira.

Once again, Nash is too busy being gloaty to actually do what Whistler needs him to do. Half-DEMERIT

Pearl also gets distracted easily by her hatred for Faith, and also earns a Half-DEMERIT for not keeping her eyes on the prize.

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