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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Monolith Monsters


After our Best of/Worst of for "The Leech Woman", I'm in a mood for another. I guess I'm desperate for a chance to give somebody an unqualified kudo for something. So, let's take a look at "The Monolith Monsters" in which the good guys are the Good Guys and the bad guys are a bunch of space rocks.

Our Main Players to impress or disappoint are: Dave Miller, Cathy Barrett, Professor Arthur Flanders, Dr. E.J. Reynolds, and Chief Dan Corey.

Our Characters Rise to Heroics!

Dave- Dave Miller comes up with the plan on how to contain and eliminate the meteorite threat [if you don't examine things very closely] and he gets a Half-KUDO.

Cathy- I've no kudo to share with Cathy.

Arthur- Arthur really comes through with noticing the first physical evidence that leads to how the rocks are activating, and what exactly happened to Ben, Ginny's parents, and what is happening to the little girl. Half-KUDO, and 'nice job!'.

E.J.- The doctor doesn't earn a kudo either.

Dan- I really like that, unlike in way too many movies, the Police Chief isn't the obstacle for the hero to overcome to save lives, nor does the Chief dither over believing the scientists when they say they know what is going on. Dan Corey gets a Half-KUDO for immediately being proactive in readying the town of San Angelo for a complete evacuation.

Our Characters Fail to Impress!

Miller: I don't have a demerit for Dave.

Barrett: There isn't a reason to hand a demerit to Cathy.

Flanders: The professor/mentor to Dave Miller certainly doesn't earn a demerit.

Reynolds: Nothing for the doctor, here.

Corey: Unusually, there isn't a demerit along the way for the Police Chief, either.

Wow! NO DEMERITS... not even for a dayplayer character!

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