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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Leech Woman


Hey Gang. While we wait for me to actually finish reviewing Supernatural and getting to the next Buffy episode, let's spend some time with a "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments", shall we? Yes. The answer is 'yes, we shall'.

Our subject this time out, because I'd really like to get somewhat caught up on the movie characters, we'll be taking a look at... oh... "The Leech Woman". And with a title like that, this should be the bestest of the B-movies, eh? Alas. But it isn't bad, except for a bit too much travelogue of stockfootage-'Africa'.

Anyway, you can read all about that in the review, this here is about our main players: Dr. Paul Talbot, June Talbot, Neil Foster, Sally [Talbott], Bertram Garvay and the mysterious Malla.

Okay... I'm being a little generous with the term "main players".

Our Characters Inspire Inspiration!

Dr. Talbot: There isn't a single attempt at a kudo by Paul.

Mrs. Talbot: June is just as miserable a human being as her husband and gets nada.

Mr. Foster: I really cannot give anything to Neil [despite his being a gorgeous Grant Williams].

Miss Talbott: Oh, Sally. I respect your gun-pull on June to convince her to step away from your man, but... that doesn't really seem to get you anywhere, now does it. Except maybe a police station. And a marriage to a man who is already wandering before you even get the ring on your finger. I liked you, but you don't get a kudo.

Mr. Garvay: Bertram will receive a Half-KUDO for his save of the panicked June from stock-footage-leopard.

Ms. Malla: I've nothing to hand over to Malla.

Our Characters Are Loathsome:

Paul- Okay. What-oh-what do we give Paul his demerit for... for, oh yes, he's getting one. I'm handing him a DEMERIT for being a "greedy, small-minded, bitter, parasitic user" of a prick.

June- Well, obvs June is getting a huge ass DEMERIT for turning sooooo very quickly into a serial killer. And, she's not even set up as the evil-villain!

Neil- I don't know about Neil. His treatment of his fiance as soon as "Terry" shows up is reprehensible. But we can't really tell if this is induced by hormones flying off the transformed June or not. I think I can safely issue him a Half-DEMERIT though for even bothering to propose to Sally, whom he doesn't seem to actually love at any point. The marriage, if it had taken place, would've been miserable and unfulfilling for both participants.

Sally- I have to hand Sally a Half-DEMERIT for ... rank desperation mostly. If you have to chase off other women with a gun because you can't trust your fiance then what the hell are you so desperate to marry him for, anyway?

Bertram- I don't particularly like Bertram, but I'm letting him slide without a demerit. Although his reaction to June's slight wrinkling seems almost phobic.

Malla- Malla starts out fine, but like June, the second she finds out she can have some hot sex by turning back the clock and all it costs is a bit of murder, she's fully on board. DEMERIT

Seriously, I don't think there is a single person in this whole film who isn't a creep at their base level. And I'm including Sally in there.

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