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"Best of / Worst of Character Moments", Angel & Faith


Welcome to Angel & Faith's "Best of / Worst of Character Moments" series. Today's subject is the battle royale issue in which Whistler tries to save the world, by killing billions with a Magical Virus Bomb. Angel and Faith aren't understanding that this is all for the greater good, apparently.

Our Main Players are: Faith, Angel, and Nadira. The Fairweathers do next to nothing, and Giles and Alasdair are in the mix, but they're sideliners here.

So let's take a closer look at our characters in Season 1's Issue 23!

Our Characters - What Wonders!

Faith- Faith pulls out a few very nice moves against Pearl... and since I hate Pearl so, I'm awarding a Half-KUDO.

Angel- Angel does well against Whistler, and I'm gonna go ahead and let myself be soft about it. Half-KUDO.

Nadira- Nadira has an excellently timed save for Angel, and kicks the tar out of Nash... for a bit... Half-KUDO. [I really hate the Bobbsie Power-Twins.]

Rupert's well aimed mystic bolt kept the fatalities and mutations localized. It's not really comforting to those caught in the blast radius, but sometimes it's all you can do to save the many over the really unfortunate few. Half-KUDO.

Whistler's plan works... not as much as he meant it to, but he wasn't stopped! Half-Anti-KUDO.

Our Characters - You Dolts!

Faith: Oh, Faith. It's really nice how much you worry over Nadira's hatred twisting her up inside and all. I know you have experience with that. But your half-assing your own battle over it isn't helping anyone. [Also, I like you more than Nadira.] DEMERIT

Angel: Angel fails, but sometimes we do everything right and things go wrong. No demerit.

Nadira: Poor Nadira... poor, poor Nadira. No demerit.

Nash in particular has a piss-poor showing in this one. Sure he gets some vengeance on Nadira and Faith, but he botches his one task to take the mystic virus ball bomb higher into the atmosphere to detonate. One simple thing and he stayed low enough for Giles to blast him. DEMERIT

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