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Best of/ Worst of Character Moments: BTVS


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy, Season 09, Issue 20

In which one of our Scooby Pals is overcome with desperations, frustration and anger and makes a deal with the proverbial devil in rogue Slayer disguise to save Dawn. Willow makes her triumphant return with her new magic.

[Also the issue that punched me in the stomach with that first flashback image. Ugh.]

Our main players are: Buffy, Andrew, Xander, and Willow.

Our Characters Are Huggable!

Buffy: I’ve nothing to hand to Buffy this time.

Andy: I like Andrew’s confidence in Buffy and his being there to buck up her spirits, but there isn’t a kudo there.

Xan: Nothing for Xander.

Wills: I’m handing Willow a Half-KUDO for finding a way to bring magic back to Earth… since she was so convinced that Earth was dying without it.

For the first time, I think Sev isn’t the bad, bad guy. And though his plan is audacious and sure to failure [mostly because undoing an entire season would REALLY grate the nerves of all of the fans who spent all that money collecting the title through Twi-Debacle], I’m going to hand him a Half-KUDO for not acting rashly just to get Clare back or for his plan to revolve around killing Buffy, but actually stopping Twilight. This would be a good thing, with the huge caveat of it working and not destroying reality.

Our Characters Are Slapable!

Buffy- No demerits to the Slayer.

Andrew- Nothing is flying Andy’s way.

Xander- Xan’s anger issues are far more understandable in this one. And, though he says that he’s going to help Simone and Severin, at this point, I’ve hope that he’s going to think better of it when they’re not whispering in his ear. I’ll let him slide by without a demerit, but I’m watching closely.

Willow- I’m issuing a Half-DEMERIT to Willow for still not actually respecting magic, especially new and unpredictable magic. She’s still using it too freely for the most of mundane things, which is exactly part of what made her lose control in the first place way back when [and may do so again, depending on what happened with the ‘Time of Your Life’ arc].

I’m sorry Sev. I agree on your reasoning, as above with the kudo-ing. But… BUT… this is one hell of a risk you’re attempting and you barely have control over Illyria’s powers. You could literally put this off for a decade while you hide away from the Mystic Council and learn what you’re doing before actually trying something this epic. It’s just too dangerous and all so you can get your girlfriend back. I have to DEMERIT this plan, ultimately due to the risk vs. saving one person.

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