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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments -- Buffy


Hey all!

Welcome to our ongoing series of Best Of & Worst Of Character Moments in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Our focus in this post is the S3 episode "Revelations", in which Buffy gets some seriously deserved flack for not telling anyone about Angel's mysterious return... especially Giles.

Yeah. I'm completely on the side of Rupert when it comes to this episode.

Our main players who will receive kudos and demerits are: Rupert Giles, Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Angel, Buffy and Faith.

Our Characters Are Terrific People!

Rupert: Giles is... amazing. When things get too heated with the confrontation toward Buffy over Angel, he's the one who puts the McGuffin Glove's destruction before his personal hurt and anger. And, if Buffy hadn't followed him into his office, he'd most likely not have confronted her about the betrayal she'd shown toward him by keeping something of this magnetude from him. But even with all of these feelings, he never speaks harshly at Buffy in front of the others. He stays classy. Half-KUDO

Willow: I like that Willow is all about not guilt-tripping Buffy while stating her worries. Not enough to hand her a kudo, but it was nice of her.

Xander: I think Xan shows a lot of restraint to not barge in on Buffy and Angel right when he sees them engaging in lip wrestling antics. He instead takes it back to the gang to deal with this whole 'Angel is back, Buffy and he are kissing' thing as a group. Half-KUDO

Cordy: Y'know what? Cordy gets some well deserved flack, but when she's confronting Buffy about Angel and her getting way too close for comfort behind everybody else's back, I'm totally with her. Half-KUDO for bringing up to Buffy that it isn't about their feelings toward Angel, it's about the very real danger he was to all of them last time.

Angel: Angel saves Wills from an electricution/flamey-bodied death. That earns a KUDO for those fast reflexes.

Buffy: Great throw, Buffy! KUDO

Faith: Once the jig is up on Gwen, Faith uses herself as a target to distract the villainous ex-Watcher, and she earns a Half-KUDO.

We're totally giving Mrs. Gwendolyn Post an Anti-KUDO for the masterful way she sizes up and manipulates everybody around her. Not least of which is Giles... she plays him like a fiddle.

I'm giving Lagos a Half-Anti-KUDO for his easy take down of Faith.

Our Characters Suck Ass!

Giles: Well, Rupert does have effective arguments to use for how effective he and Buffy have been despite what the Council supposedly thinks [by way of Gwen], but he's too bowled over to make them. I'm not going to hand him a demerit, but really, he didn't have to take as much crap from Post as he does right out of the gate.

Rosenberg: Wills doesn't earn herself a demerit this time out.

Harris: Xan's Half-DEMERIT comes for... well there are several reasons, but the award winner here is trying, however briefly, to pin Giles' getting bashed in the head on Angel, when he already knows damned well that this isn't an Angelus-style attack. His blinding desire to keep Angel on the bad-guy-list is petty.

Chase: Cordy doesn't mar her kudo with a demerit.

Uh. Angel: A Half-DEMERIT for Angel's less than committed stance in trying to keep Buffy at arm's length. Exercising with her shirtless isn't helping the situation, which leads to another ill-advised kiss later.

Summers: I've already given Buffy a half demerit for hiding Angel's return, but it's been weeks now since then [Beauty & The Beast] and still hiding it from Rupert, when Angel is mobile now is ... well... I'm tempted to say unforgivable, but that may be a little overboard. Still... DEMERIT!

Lehane: I'm not going to hand Faith a demerit, even for jumping to the conclusion that Angel attacked Giles. She's been left too much in the dark over what the whole current situation is with Angel, and he does himself no favors when she shows up just in time to see her "Watcher" tossed into a wall by him.

The Watchers Council receives another DEMERIT. If you have an ex-Watcher booted out for playing with dark magicks, it falls on your organization to make damned sure that the current Watchers... all of them, not just the ones in England, are made aware with a "be on the look out" notice.

I'm also handing the deceased Lagos a post-mortem Half-DEMERIT for letting Buffy get a hold of his axe so easily. It turns out that he's not axe resistant, so that was really clumsy of him.

As much admiration as I have for Gwen's force of personality, when it comes to wielding the power she long sought, she sucks. DEMERIT for having no idea how to actually use her lighting throwing powers effectively... and as a sideline, you'd think she could've gone after something a little more hefty if she was after powers.

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