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Update. Best Of / Worst Of Supernatural Character Moments.


I'm still working the review, but man... lots of padded scenes of talking, talking, talking. Very little bionic action going on. But I'm still off tomorrow, so I should be able to get it posted by tomorrow night anyway.

The X-Files review should be easier [and much more interesting... I do believe Eve is one of the good 1st season episodes], and should be posted tomorrow as well, or Tuesday.   Yeah, yeah.

So, here... have a Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments post instead!

Our subject for this round of Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments' cheers and/or jeers is Supernatural's "Nightmare". Which is a difficult episode due to the domestic abuse angle, but it has some stellar acting by the guest cast.

Our Main Players are [drumroll please]: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Alice Miller and Max Miller.

Our Characters Are Impressive!

Sam: I got nothing for Sam.

Dean: Huh. Dean doesn't really get a kudo either.

Mrs. Miller: The only thing Alice is good for in this episode is making up enough of a story to put Dean and Sam in the clear with the police. Half-KUDO

Max: Sorry Max. I totally support your killing your abusers, but I can't really justify handing out a kudo for that.

Our Characters Are ... ahh.. Nightmares! ... ahh, see what I did.

Sam: No demerits for Sam.

Dean: I'm not issuing a demerit to Dean, either.

Alice: What to do, what to do about Alice? I'm trying to be sympathetic toward abuse victims. I really am. But she didn't protect Max from the violence of Jim or Roger, and one has to wonder if it's because she was on the receiving end of too much abuse herself to stand up, or if it was a self-preservation move... Max is only her stepson after all.

Ultimately -- I'm going to issue a DEMERIT, but I'm doing it regretfully and with sympathy toward Alice, giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Although her claims of trying to help Max by... uh... ... uh....  Yeah. Shut up, Lady.

Max: What to do, what to do, what to do? Poor, abused Max. I think he's just too damaged by being a brutalized victim to hold murdering his abusers against him. And I can totally understand his equal anger at Alice for doing nothing about it. I'm not issuing a demerit.

We have a special DEMERIT for Jim Miller for being an abusive child-beater.

Also getting a DEMERIT is Roger Miller for his own abuse heaped on Max.

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