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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: A & F, s1


Best of / Worst of Character Moments in Angel continues with Season 7's [or if you insist on using DH's label, despite it clearly being wrong - Season 9's] issue 21: "What You Want, Not What You Need" part I.

Our issue this time out is all about finally doing the deed and getting Rupert Giles back from the hereafter -- despite no magic. And everyone's doubts, apart of Angel's, about this plan. And an attack from Whistler, Nash and Pearl. And the general unreliability of Lavinia and Sophronia.

Our Main Players To Scowl At are: Angel, Faith, Alasdair, Sophie and Liv.

Our Characters Earn Our Praise!

Angel: He did it. He managed to bring along everything needed to actually try the resurrection. Half-KUDO? Maybe.

Faith: Faith, I love you. Her takedown of Angel for putting resurrecting Giles above stopping Whistler's loony "kill billions" plan was awesome. And we know it hurt, because she's nearly as desperate to see Rupert again as Angel is. She just isn't blinded by that desire. KUDO

Alasdair: Alasdair... big issue here with how to award him. He finally gives his permission to try to bring back Giles by giving up his last store of magic, but is this actually the right thing to do? Since I'm so torn on bringing Rupert back at all, I'm not sure this bit of selflessness actually should be rewarded. Half-KUDO?

Sophronia: Sophronia actually helps complete the ritual to bring Rupert back. But again... I have a dim view of this and the morality of bringing the dead back to life. Half-KUDO? Maybe.

Lavinia: And it's the same story as with her sister... and the same result... Half-KUDO?

Our Characters Are Repugnant!

Angel- Yeah, Angel... you already knew I was issuing a demerit for basically outright telling Alasdair you'd force him to give up his magical items. Threatening an Old Man isn't very becoming. Half-DEMERIT

Faith- My only issue with Faith is my central dilemma... and she isn't going to get a demerit just because I can't figure out how I feel about it all.

Alasdair- I'm tempted to give a demerit to Alasdair for selfishly refusing to hand over his trinkets to resurrect Giles. But considering that this is the last few items on Earth with magic and that the chances of successfully being Rupert back are slim... well, I'm a bit more sympathetic, even though I can recognize his selfishness. He's going to slide by.

Sophie- Sophronia gets a retroactive DEMERIT for trying an extremely ill-advised and clumsy resurrection on her lover in WWII. Ew... no thought always leads to horribleness.

Liv- Like Faith, I'm letting her slide even though I still don't fully agree on this whole business.

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