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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Buffy, s9


Welcome, welcome to another Buffy edition of "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments". Our post is focusing on the characters featured in BTVS, Season 09, Number 19 in which Buffy is drafted to help stop The Siphon after he has successfully stolen Illyria's powers.

Oh, and Dawn is vanishing too.

Our Main Characters are: Buffy, Illyria, Eldre Koh, Xander Harris, Andy Wells, Billy Lane, & Anaheed.

Our Characters Earn A Cheer!

Buffy: No kudo for our Slayer, again.

Illyria: I'm handing Illyria a Half-KUDO for the admirable way she's handling her power drain. I expected far less from her and was pleasantly surprised.

Koh: Nothing, Koh.

Xander: Nothing.

Andy: It was a nice try Andy to save Dawn, but I already handed you a kudo for that. You get nada this time.

Billy: Like I said last time Billy, I'm not handing out any more kudos just for the slaying. And you didn't earn anything else here.

Anaheed: Slayers don't get kudos for zompire slaying, unless it's done with unusual style. You got nuthin'.

Our Characters Earn Their Jeer!

Buffy- No demerits for Buffy. And that especially includes the shattering of The Seed to cause this mess. She did what she had to do at the time.

Illyria- No demerits.

Koh- Nuh-uh.

Xan- I understand Xander's rage with the situation. I am wholly sympathetic to just how shitty is love life has ended up and the thought of yet another girlfriend dying on him is awful, awful, awful. He's still acting like a rage-aholic asshole and I'm still handing him a DEMERIT.

Andrew- No demerit for Andy.

Billy- Nope.

Anaheed- I'm still a little annoyed at her over the deception, but she doesn't earn another demerit.

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