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Wacky Dreaming ... times two.


Hey Gang.

  Tonight I have a wacky dreaming entry to share. Now, this comes in two parts between two different dreams. The first dream was two nights ago, and it was a "long lost friends I haven't talked to in years" dream, which means that it shouldn't be an entry at all. But then a funny thing happened at the tail end of the dream, which threw it into this category.

  Despite that, I wasn't going to bother posting because the BTVS-verse tie-in didn't show up until so late in the dream. But then just as weirdly this morning after coming home from work, I had another dream that was a basic "super powers dream". Again, not really a subject for this category, as this is specifically for dreams that take place in a tv-verse... usually BTVS, SPN or TWD. But again, toward the end of the dream it suddenly threw in another reference to the Buffyverse. And even more strangely, I think that it was actually tied into the dream from two days ago... maybe....

  So, the first dream involved my staying at a high school freind's who I haven't seen in years and her sisters. Most of the dream isn't relevant. Apparently I was sleeping outside on a cot and it was a pleasant summer's morning when I awoke [Okay-- hold for a second: There is no friggin' way in unholy hell I'd ever just sleep outside... not on a cot, not in a sleeping bag, not in a tent... NO WAY. But be that as it may...]. I could hear HS-Friend trying to get her little sisters off to school before they were running late.

  I sat up in the cot, in which I was sleeping fully clothed [EW!], and across the very small yard, sitting on another cot set up, was FAITH!

  I burst into a grin and told her I didn't know she was expected back so soon and she should've woke me when she got in. I asked her how the hunt went [apparently she was out on an assignment, and I know this was Post S7 of Buffy, because she had three junior Slayers with her]. Faith was tying up her boot strings and she gave me this beaming grin and said everything was 5 by 5.

  She then started yelling for the juniors to get the lead out because they had a site close by to hit now that the sun was up, and they'd gotten their beauty sleep. The juniors were less than enthused. I only saw two of them, with one of them just exiting HS-Friend's back door during this and I was too focused on Faith to turn my head. But of the two that I did see, I didn't recognize them from the show. Though, in dream, I know that I was already associated with them. Anyway, I grabbed my shoes [I was fully dressed, except for my shoes] and told Faith to hold up a minute and I'd join her. She told me if I wanted to tag along, I needed to hurry because she didn't want the "baby Slayers" getting comfortable.

  And then I woke up... damn it.

- - - - - - - - -

  So this morning/afternoon, I was having my "super powers dream" in which my powers this time out seemed to be some combination of mind force/stunning and electricity blasts. It appeared that I was undercover and had infiltrated a cult of high schoolers or young college kids who had been worshipping some devil/major demon baddie.

  We were in this pool area at a fancy upscale hotel/resort. But the area was a fair ways away from the hotel itself, and was in this deliberately landscaped area that made it feel like we were in the deep woods, cut off from society at large, even though you could see the hotel over the heavy bushes.

  So at this pool area, in which the pool was very small, but very deep, there was this altar set up to this Satan-like worshipped demon. I don't know how long I'd been undercover, but I knew that there were four others. Three of these were still over yonder at the hotel while I was setting up for a ritual in this secluded area with another guy who looked all of 17.

  It became very obvious to me very quickly though that I was going to have to break cover. Apparently the ritual that night was going to involve a human sacrifice, and somehow they'd gotten their hands on an infant that was to be the sacrifice. Knowing that I had to get the baby out of there, I went on a sudden offensive against this other guy.

  We ended up in the pool, where I wrapped my legs around his chest and held him under until he couldn't hold his breath anymore. Instead of letting him drown, I dragged him up onto the concrete around this small, deep pool and then went and started to swaddle up the baby, who was fussing and crying.

  I was bothered that I couldn't hang around to complete my mission, which I believe may've been to go through with the ritual to draw the devil to Earth and then destroy him. But anyway, while I was gathering up the baby to go on the run before my 'compatriots' arrived, I thought to myself:

  "I've gotta get a hold of Faith and let her know that the op is compromised."

  So, that was the BTVS tie-in right at the end of another dream. But the reason that I'm almost sure it was connected to the dream of two days ago, is as I was thinking about getting in contact with Faith from an anonymous phone somewhere along my flight path away from the cultists, I had a mental image of her out on patrol with the junior Slayers! I didn't picture those Slayers, so I can't tell if they were the same ones from the previous dream or if this was just some sort of quirky theme between the two dreams. But it was a neat twist on realizing it when I woke up.

  Anyway, just before I took off running with the baby, I sent electrical force through the guy's face for some reason to kill him [Rather than just let him drown? ... I don't know...] and I really burned up his face good. It seemed important to destroy his eyes to me for some reason, but I don't know what that was about now.

  Again, anyway, just as I was running toward the road connecting to the hotel property, I was thinking that at least one of our cultists was dead. I had a very clear impression that my ultimate mission in addition to destroying the devil was in fact to kill the cultists as well.

  But I suddenly had this "outside of the dream" perspective in which 'real me' knew that 'dream me' was mistaken and that 'dream me' had failed to kill this kid and he was going to be showing up again for a rematch.

  And then I woke up.

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