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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Land Unknown


Welcome my readers, as we dive into another of our Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: This time, we're taking a closer look at our main players in "The Land Unknown".

Our Main players that we'll cheer or scorn are: Hal Roberts, Maggie Hathaway, Steve Miller, Carl Hunter & Jack Carmen.

Our Characters Earn Cheers!

Hal- Hal dives into a river with a dinosaur to save the man who has been an antagonist since they got there. KUDO

Maggie- I'm going to acknowledge Maggie's offer to sacrifice her freedom, and basically be a concubine to Dr. Hunter in order to get the information they need for the men to save themselves. Half-KUDO

Steve- I've nothing for Steve, not even for following Maggie to Carl's cave since his "rescue" wasn't actually needed then.

Carl- Carl, despite being grody, saves Maggie's life from a river dinosaur at considerable risk to himself and he gets a KUDO.

Jack- I've got nothing for Jack either.

Our Characters Get the Jeer!

Hal: Okay. So you've just crash landed into an area in which the fog is too thick to see more than a few feet. Should you stay with the aircraft as long as conditions are so blinding? No. The answer according to Hal is you wander off... and then you separate from your traveling companion, too. Half-DEMERIT.

Maggie: You know what convention I hate more than any other? No, it's not the cute-meet. Nor the "I hate you, let's kiss". And, no -- it's not the "run away, trip over you're own feet" that women inevitably did in the 1950's... though it's related. I really, really hate when the Man is in a fight for his and the woman's lives, and the Woman... stands there, watches and waits for her fate.

Pick up something and fight, you moron! Use your nails to rake, kick some balls, I don't care but don't just stand there idly by when lives are in danger! DEMERIT for not helping Steve 'rescue' you, Maggs.

Steve: Steve turns into an asshat about Maggie "giving herself over" to Carl Hunter so that he can save himself. Eww, & DEMERIT

Carl: Upon Carl's very first introduction to Maggie, he knocks her unconscious, kidnaps her and then gets grabby and makes it clear that he's going to rape her one way or another. And he's not set up as the all-out villain. Dr. Hunter is a piece of shit. DEMERIT

Jack: Jack doesn't earn a demerit, but it's a close call a few times.

The Movie Makers gets a HUGE DEMERIT for real-life, staged animal violence in their flick. There has never and will never be an excuse for that.

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