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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Incredible Shrinking Man


Best of / Worst Of Character Moments with my retro-crush, Grant Williams. Or, uh, more to the point, this post we're taking a closer look at our main characters in "The Incredible Shrinking Man".

Our main players today are: Robert Scott Carey, Louise Carey, & Charlie Carey.

Our Main Characters Are Brave & Noble!

Scott: Scott gets a KUDO for his ingenuity and determination. He never gives in or gives up, and it is admirable.

Louise: I'm going to give Louise Carey a KUDO for her general strength and ability to cope. What she and Scott go through is beyond imagining, but at no time do we see Louise shatter.

Charlie: I've no kudo to hand over to Scott's brother.

Our Characters Are Jerkwads!

Scott- Scott does have some rough moments when he's a real shit toward his wife. But even in these moments, he's sympathetic because we can understand why he's lashing out. I can easily forgive some of his more ranty behavior and I don't issue a demerit over them.

Louise- I don't have anything but sympathy for Louise. She doesn't do anything that earns my ire at her.

Charlie- I can't really blame Charlie for anything, including terminating Scott's position when the company takes a large financial hit. Scott can't work, after all, and the company can't keep paying a salary for nothing. It's crappy, but it's understandable. And other than this issue, Charlie is decent throughout.

I have a special DEMERIT for The Fates. You were such bitches to Scott, and the constant hope spots you kept dangling in front of his face just to snatch away was beyond even your usual brand of cruelty.

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