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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Invisible Ghost


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Invisible Ghost.

Whoo... sounds scary, huh? But this isn't a horror, so much as a mystery. But that's really for the review to explain, here we're strictly concerned for the type of people are main characters are, which will take some explaining when we come to Charles Kessler [but then he is Bela Lugosi, so...].

So, our main players for scrutiny are: Charles Kessler, Virginia Kessler, Mr. Evans - our butler, Paul Dickson, & Jules Mason.

Our Characters Are Respected!

Charles: I'm going to give Charles a Half-KUDO for his thoughtfulness and his being a kind and more than fair man toward his staff. I like the relationship between he and Evans, a lot and I liked his taking the time to put the new cook at ease over her "failure" at dinner.

Virginia: I simply have no kudo for Virginia, despite liking her generally.

Mr. Evans: I love Evans, but he's got no kudos coming either.

Paul: Oh Paul. I see no reason to give you a kudo.

Jules: I'd like to give Jules something for helping Betty, but his actual actions are so non-sensible that I can't. I don't understand what he's up to in hiding Mrs. Kessler from view... and now he's too dead to ask.

Our Characters Are Awful People!

Charles- Poor, poor Charles Kessler. I can't give him a demerit for his being a murderer because the poor man had no idea he was doing any such thing. It's just such a horrible tragedy.

Virginia- Okay... I like Virginia, but her reactions are not making any sense to me. I'm starting to wonder if she has some type of mental instability, and it's running in the family. I'm giving her a Half-DEMERIT for her completely inappropriate gaiety, which is both off-putting and completely out of place.

Evans- Mr. Evans doesn't earn a demerit.

Paul- Nothing for Paul, although I don't really understand his lack of insistence that somebody else in the house must be their killer, since his brother obviously was erroneously executed.

Jules- I'm sorry Jules, but your hiding the mentally damaged Mrs. Kessler from her husband, her ex-husband, the police and her daughter not only doesn't make much sense with your explanation but it's technically kidnapping and imprisonment of an older woman against her will. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!?! DEMERIT

And a special DEMERIT goes to Mrs. Adams, who is agreeing and going along with her husband's insanity.

Cecile the Maid is practically a deranged stalker for Virginia's future husband and that always gets a DEMERIT. Look, he just isn't that into you... move on and have a little pride... oh, never mind - you're dead, anyway.

I've got another DEMERIT to hand out to the Jurisprudence System of this film: The Jurors, The Defense Attorney and The Judge all get one for their haphazardly deciding to execute a man for a murder wherein there are other viable suspects and no physical evidence to tie that man to the killing.

Our Police Department also receives a DEMERIT. Now, I'm as used to shoddy detective work as the next old-mystery watcher, but c'mon! You've got multiple murders on the same property with the same set of suspects and nobody is carted downtown for some good ol'  fashioned sweating for answers? Get off your asses and do something more than drink coffee and friendly chat, damn it! Also, even when they have the house under close scrutiny, Betty Kessler is still able to wander around freely in the back yard without anyone seeing her! Oh, yes... you're certainly watching the house closely Detective Dumbass.

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