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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


We've got a second Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments posting for Angel & Faith. And that means, surely, that this is Issue 20!

Our Characters to Analyze this time around are: Faith, Spike, Alasdair, and Angel... once he's a bit more sane, again [or allegedly... who invites Harmony over if they're sane?!].

Give A Warm Round Of Applause!

Faith: I'm not handing out a kudo this time to Faith.

Spike: Well, Spike was distracted by the outrage, but he still managed to clear out a coven of Enders -- who we were assured were all tough and stuff -- so I'll hand over a Half-KUDO [because they didn't see all that tough and stuff].

Alasdair: Alasdair managed to extract Giles' soul without an Angelus visit, so I'll hand him a Half-KUDO.

Angel: Nuthin' for Angel.

Slap 'Em Upside Their Heads!

Faith- Faith gets by without a demerit.

Spike- Spike gets by without a demerit, though I'm grossed out that he hooked up with Harms, again.

Alasdair- Alasdair is a bit bitchy in this one, but he doesn't get a demerit.

Angel- Inviting Harmony into Faith's house to sex up Spike without permission is just SO beyond tacky, that I can't even. Plus, she's still a vampire without any of the tricks but her own word to keep her behavior under control. DEMERIT

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