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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Hey gang. Ugh... life... amiright?

I know that I need to get back into the swing of things with the reviewing -- it's been far longer than I could've ever thought since I buckled down and I've no excuse but general depression and anxiety.

But while we're still waiting around for my thoughts on Kong, I can tell you that once that movie review is out of the way, we'll be hitting the television shows: BTVS, SPN, X-Files, 6-Million Dollar Man & The Night Stalker. I've also got Buffy, Season 10, Issue 23 which I should get done very quickly.

For this posting though, it's an Angel & Faith, Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments. We're looking at Season One [or Angel Season 07... or DH Comic's Angel Season 09... however you wanna count it], Issue Number 19.

Our Main Players of Interest are: Flashback!Giles, Flashback!Edna Giles, Angel, Spike, Faith, & Nadira.

Our Characters Impress Us!

Past-Rupert: I'm not going to hand Rupert a kudo, though I was tempted to hand him a half for at least trying to make amends. But no... the Eyghon Thing is just too much.

Past-Edna: You have to admire a granny who can handle a sword. Edna gets a KUDO for her vampire beheadings.

Angel: Angel/Giles [and okay, possibly Angelus... ew] get a KUDO for decapitating Eyghon. And since it's his physical body, he won't be coming back again. Yay!

Spike: Spike certainly has confidence... but that doesn't buy you a kudo.

Faith: Nuthin' for Faith this time out.

Nadira: I've not a kudo to give.

I'm handing a big ol' KUDO to Spirit-Giles for using his temporarily controlled vampire body to its best.

I'm handing Eyghon a Half-Anti-KUDO for showing up Spike's arrogance. The vampire's little demon isn't a threat to the real-in-person demon.

Our Characters Infuriate!

Rebel-Rupert- Rupert doesn't get any demerits that haven't already been handed to him.

Battleaxe-Edna- I was almost... so very almost... going to hand Edna a half-demerit for her rather cold response to Rupert's Eyghon self-loathing. I mean she basically used it to guilt trip him into resuming his Watcher studies. But, I'm letting her slide because her face indicates how badly she does feel for her grandson's bleak future. She just can't do anything about it, so she's taking the stiff-upper lip approach.

Whiner-Angel- I'm not handing Angel a demerit.

Arrogant-Spike- Yeah, Spike's over-confidence can be mildly irritating, but not enough to demerit him.

Indecisive-Faith- I've already [I'm pretty sure] gave Faith a demerit for how she treated the London Squad so I've got nothing to pass her way.

Rage-a-holic Nadira- I'm sick of Nadira's rage monster. It's justified, no doubt. But going to behead Angel when he's down? And right after he saved her friends from being enslaved by Eyghon? Half-DEMERIT. Get over it, Nadira, or get gone.

I'm giving Angelus a Half-DEMERIT for being more mouthy than smart. He maybe could've stayed in control of Angel's body if he hadn't had to smart-mouth Faith.

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