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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith, Season 01, Issue 18 - wherein my heartache for Giles continues unabated....

Then I worry because Spike makes the scene and he's an oxygen stealer wherever he goes.

Our main players are: Past!Giles, Edna Giles, Nadira, London Slayer Squad, Faith, Angel, Alasdair.

Our Characters Are Pretty Great!

Past!Rupert- Rupert didn't earn any past kudos.

Edna- I've nothing for Edna this time out.

Nadira- I'm handing Nadira a KUDO for thinking quick and keeping Faith from joining the possessed.

The London Squad- Nothing for the background Slayers.

Faith- Nada for Faith, this time.

Angel- I'm going to give it to Angel for realizing that Rupert could be brought back after he'd died exactly because Eyghon was still wandering around, which meant that he'd have most of Giles' soul since young Ripper sold it to him. KUDO.

Alasdair- Alasdair comes up with half the information they need, and quickly intuits nearly the rest. He's on the ball, and gets a Half-KUDO.

I gotta give Eyghon a Half-Anti-KUDO for how easily he's showing that he can overcome Angel's resistance, even with a room full of Slayers.

Our Characters Are So Disappointing!

Past!Rupert: Nothing that I haven't already demerited him over.

Grandmother Giles: Edna is a strong elder and doesn't earn a demerit.

Nadira: Nadira's attitude is so damned off-putting, but she doesn't get a demerit.

London Slayers: Nada. They'll slide by.

Faith: I'm forgiving Faith's shock at seeing Rupert where he couldn't logically be, so she doesn't get a demerit.

Angel: Angel. So tired of his keeping critical information from his partner. He gets a DEMERIT for not sharing things about Giles and his fate with Faith, knowing that eventually there was going to be a showdown with Eyghon. And it almost got her possessed because she wasn't ready for seeing Giles standing there and smiling at her.

Alasdair: Alasdair is nothing but helpful.

I have a special Half-DEMERIT for a particular London Slayer, Daphne. I can understand her horror at having to face off against her mind-controlled fellow Slayer, but just standing there and letting Vanessa knock her out bugged me.

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