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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Best Of / Worst Of : Angel & Faith

Season 01, Issue 17 ... in which we revisit Giles' past mistake with Eyghon... and if I though Rupert's fate before broke my heart....

Our main characters in this issue will include: Past!Ethan Rayne, Past 'Ripper'!Giles, Faith, Angel, Nadira, Sophronia, & Livinia.

Our Characters Are Just So Swell!

Angel- I've got nothing for Angel.

Faith- Faith hasn't earned a kudo this issue.

Nadira- I'm going to give Nadira a Half-KUDO for remaining quite suspicious of the far too quick and easy resurrection of Marianne. She's the only one questioning this being possible at all and she's not quick to accept that the returned Marianne is really back from the dead.

Sophronia- Nada for Soph.

Livinia- Liv doesn't get anything.

Past-Ethan- Yeah, yeah... it's weird to put him in here with the rest, but though he was still irresponsible, he wasn't a villain yet: He gets a Half-KUDO, despite the result to Randall, for finding a way to drive Eyghon away before he could break free to cause havok.

Past-Giles- Giles helps Ethan drive Eyghon away and earns a Half-KUDO.

Our Characters Suck!

Angel: Angel doesn't earn a demerit.

Faith: Faith does have that problem with not really mentoring the way she wanted because she's been too busy with Angel's questing. But that doesn't earn a demerit.

Nadira: Nadira gets her whole squad in trouble by once again flying off half-cocked in a situation where she doesn't know enough. She earns a Half-DEMERIT for her continued anger issues.

Sophie: Nothing for Soph.

Liv: I'll not issue Liv a demerit.

Past-Rayne: Yes, Ethan - you get a long overdue DEMERIT for this Eyghon business. Even though it'll have to be post-mortem, now.

Past-Giles: Obvs Giles did a terrible thing by getting involved with a demon, but I already demerited him for this way back in The Dark Age. He slides by this time.

I'm giving a Half-DEMERIT to Past-Diedre for her involvement in Ethan's playing around with Eyghon. It too is far past due and must be handed to her posthumously.

Oh, no we're not done. Randall gets a DEMERIT for not only playing wacky Eyghon games, but also not following the advice of the "expert" in this matter and taking illicit drugs at the same time. Of course, his is coming posthumously as well... so many demerits to the dead people this issue.

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