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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Hey, another Best of / Worst of Character Moments with our gang in the Buffy Squad. This issue will be Season 9's Number 18 in which Buffy, Koh and Illyria find that The Siphon was waiting for their ambush with one of his own.

Our focus characters who need to be awarded or sanctioned are: Buffy, Eldre Koh, Illyria, Billy, Anaheed, Xander, Andrew Wells and the Mystic Council (including D'Hoffryn but excluding Illyria).

It's a full house!!

Our Characters Are Super!

Buffy- Buffy will go without a kudo.

Koh- Our questing demon gets a Half-KUDO for a timely intervention on Sev's assault against Buffy.

Illyria- Illyria gets a Half-KUDO for her timely intervention saving Koh and Buffy from Sev's powers going explodey on them.

Billy- No kudos to Billy.

Anaheed- Anaheed is a little overly dramatic, but she did provide a timely save for Billy: Half-KUDO

Xander- I've nothing for Xander.

Andrew- Well... I'm a bit perturbed by Andrew's plan to transfer Dawn's mind into a robo-body but his logic seems sound. Dawn's body is failing for unknown reasons, and nobody has any other plan to save her life. I'll give him a Half-KUDO for the quick plan.

Mystic Council Members- The Council doesn't earn a kudo.

I'm giving Severin an Anti-KUDO for the set-up that allowed him to get his hands on Illyria, and send her would-be rescuers off-course and too far away to save her powers from him.

Our Characters Are Dopes!

Buffy: Buffy gets no demerit.

Koh: Koh won't earn a demerit.

Illyria: Illyria can slide by without a demerit.

Billy: Billy gets a DEMERIT for overstaying in the zompire nest looking at video tapes. There was zero reason for him to stay there until after dark where the zompires not dusted could return to find him alone and vulnerable.

Anaheed: I'm giving Anaheed a Half-DEMERIT for not coming out and telling Billy that she's a Slayer when she was trying to help him investigate Buffy's disappearance. There doesn't seem to be any reason not to come clean right then, especially since she does so only a little bit of time later.

Xander: No demerit this time, Xan.

Andy: Like I say, I'm dubious on Andy playing with Dawn's mind... but I'm not handing him a demerit. Mostly because I just handed him a kudo for this same thing, so yeah... that'd not make sense.

The Mystic Council: The Council doesn't seem to be doing much with this mystic power they're so concerned with... scattering to the four winds and maintaining a very, very low profile might have been wiser. Half-DEMERIT

I'm issuing Severin a Half-DEMERIT for sounding like a psychopath, and carrying on like one. He has a sympathetic reason for turning to villainy, but he's gone above and beyond to fully embrace it.

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