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Character Moments: The Best, The Worst in BTVS


In this posting of our Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments, we're going to be spending a bit more time with
Season 9's Issue 17.

Wherein, Buffy meets the self appointed Mystic Council run by a certain former Vengeance Demon organization runner and his wacky pals... including Illyria.

Our Focus Characters: Buffy, Illyria, D'Hoffryn, Billy, Xander, and Dawn.

Our Characters Impress!

Buffy- No kudo to Buffy... again.

Illyria- Nothing for Illyria.

D'Hoffryn- I like D'Hoffryn working to put together this coalition against The Siphon and grant him a Half-KUDO.

Billy- Nothing for Billy this time out.

Xander- There aren't any kudos for Xander, again.

Dawn- I appreciate Dawnie's patience with Xan at the hospital but she doesn't earn a kudo.

I'm handing a Half-KUDO to the supernatural SWAT team for the last second save of Billy & Dowling.

Our Characters Are Insufferable!

Buffy: I'm giving Buffy a Half-DEMERIT for her attitude issue. She has reason to be pissed at the sudden hijack from the middle of her own battle, but she takes it a bit far by insulting everyone present before she even knows what they're after. And it turned out that they have a good reason to meet with her right away. A tad less bitchitude would've been appreciated.

Illyria: I have no idea what Illyria's problem is with Spike and Angel, either. But her insulting talk and crappy attitude was annoying: Half-DEMERIT for her as well.

D'Hoffryn: No demerits flying the demon's way.

Billy: Billy doesn't earn himself a demerit.

Xander: Oh, hell yeah Xander is receiving a Half-DEMERIT. His anger issues are scary and he's earning his demerit this time out for manhandling Billy with little provocation.

Dawn: I'm really bothered by Dawn's putting up with Xan's angry outburst in their bedroom, but she doesn't gain a demerit.

I've gotta hand a special DEMERIT to Matchstick Demon, who appears to have tried to sell out Buffy, Koh and Illyria in exchange for having her powers returned. Didn't work, and she shouldn't have tried trusting Severin in the first place.

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